Saturday, May 5, 2012

ALL ABOUT M [Easy Magz]

 Pretty boy LU HAN: Just like Kai, the first time you see Lu Han he gives off a pretty boy feel, obviously aside from just having a perfect appearance, his vocal abilities and dance are all beautiful. Because it was during the time he was studying abroad in Korea that he was scouted, during the time he was a trainee his Korean ability was already really good, no wonder now that he’s promoting in China, he sometimes personally becomes a mini translator for the two Korean members.
All rounded LAY: Don’t think that the only thing a dancing member is good at is dancing, then you’re wrong, LAY can also play the piano and guitar. This time as EXO-M take their promotions to China in full, Lay also showed more sides of him. Although he still remains as the member within the group that loves to eat snacks the most, and the kid who keeps mixing and wearing everyone’s socks.
The highest pitch CHEN: As EXO-M’s lead singer, CHEN holds the voice in which all members envy, he is in charge of high notes and has a voice that leaves a deep impression on many people. Perhaps it’s because of the language barrier due to coming to China that he usually just sits there listening quietly, but what never changes is that natural smile upon his face, (I’m) looking forward to the future where he can truly express himself within the Chinese market.
Cute big brother: XIUMIN is the oldest member in the whole of EXO, yet he has a young child-like face. The members claimed that he normally shakes his head which causes a lot of laughter, he himself will also makes jokes to cheer up the members, there’s also the friendly nickname “steamed buns”. No-one would ever think that he is the member within the group that is responsible for the screaming section, always stating “I want to learn Chinese,” there will definitely be a day of success in China for him.
Responsible KRIS: As the leader of the group M, Kris is the big brother within everyone’s hearts, to seriously be responsible are the words that represent him, checking information, taking care of his injured younger brother, rescuing members in the middle of interviews…….No wonder he’s the leader. Also his talent in rapping, he never fails to charm people even more.
Realistic TAO: The fierceness and strength that people who practice martial arts tend to have are not found anywhere on Tao. This doesn’t mean that he’s not mature or serious enough, but all of this towards a younger 93 liner brother who is always protected by his older brothers, it is actually a bit early. But because of this, he has the child-like personality of speaking exactly what he thinks. The first time he was asked about his ideal type he avoided the question, the second however he expressed, “After thinking that this question would be asked again, I went home to properly think about it, I like……” With this sort of realistic answer laughing to tears is unavoidable.

source: mr.107translation cr; xuan & angi @exom-transplease take out with full credits

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