Saturday, May 5, 2012


Well-behaved Baekhyunnie: Since debut, Baekhyun who has shown his cute and well-behaved image, also has a silly side; besides suddenly blurting out a off-topic statement like bathing with another member that makes fans imaginations go crazy and scream non-stop, he also revealed that after showers, he often likes to practice different facial expressions in front of the mirror, so that he may prepare for advertisements.  Additionally, the funny videos from pre-debut were also a hot topic among fans
Happy face: Due to his high-quality appearance, Chanyeol was praised by many people for his face appearance, just a second before was sighing because his appearance did not match his deep-voiced rap, the next second he lost his expression to his cute teeth-baring smile. This wide-eyed, bared-teeth expression, paired with his explosive hairstyle at that time, can be as happy as you want him to be, and also, when he is not singing and performing, he maintains this signature expression, which is completely different from his serious expression onstage; it’s as though he were two different people.
Warm Maknae: The other one standing quietly standing on the side of the stage, maknae Se Hun, who when Luhan said, “[Sehun] makes me want to take care of him”, only lowered his head and laughed, but in reality, he is secretly a warm person.  From the window of the standby room, he seemingly casually threw down little pieces of paper, but actually, he had written “I love you all!” on them, if only to offer the eagerly waiting fans a bit of comfort and momentary warmth.
Tidy Main Vocalist: (D.O.)Their official debut represented the beginning of a life together, of course the cleanliness of the dorm has also become everybody’s concern.  ”In our grope, D.O. is the tidiest, when you go to his room, and open his drawers, I promise you all of his clothing and possessions are neatly arranged, and he will even have his shirts organized by different colors and styles.  But I’m not saying the other members are not organized!”-Sehun
Cutely-acting Kai God: (t/n chinese fans also wonder why he’s called 开爷) Displaying extreme talented dancing in the teasers, dancing machine Kai, changes completely once he comes off stage.  Besides the smile so big that makes his eyes disappear, the casual acts of cuteness kills the crowds of fans in a second.  When he doesn’t understand something, with a dazed look in his eyes, he asks his elder brothers, when he is in a daze, he raises his index finger to rest between his lips, the number of tricks he has to act cute are so numerous they cannot be counted.
Shy Leader: As EXO-K’s leader, Suho, during his trainee days received much certainty from his seniors and predecessors. They thought that this kind of [Suho] would be really strict,this kind of leader with a unique dignity, but the truth is always the opposite of reality, when he is
source: mr.107translation cr; xuan & angi @exom-transplease take out with full credits

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