Saturday, April 21, 2012


today, my class gathered in Risma's house. we ate foods together, and do fun activities there. we ate rice with fried tempe, friend chicken, cao ice, fruit punch (or what is it?), watermelon, kerupuk, sambal, grilled fish, and homemade snacks. you know what? i ate all of this on 3 p.m. but untill now i'm have not starving yet. fortunately, each of us just paid 5.000 rupiahs. AWESOME^^ then, one of my friend, Nitasya, told me to went to back of Risma's house. so many grass on there, and we took some pictures..

there's no me..

you bet! which one is me? :D

Nitasya and I

Ulya's hand and mine :3

not all of the pictures i post here. it wasn't used my camera. that was fun guys! hope we gathered again ASAP, and of course we just have pay 5.000 rupiahs :p

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