Monday, April 23, 2012

EXO-M's Yinyuetai Interview

so far, this is the best interview of EXO-M. all members look comfortable, the host is funny and not boring, also there are many cute and sweet facial expressions there! x) i read a comment on Youtube "I can't be satisfied watching this video once. I need to watch it at least 8 times. 1st to focus on Kris, 2nd for Lay, 3rd for Luhan, 4th for XiuMin, 5th for Chen, 6th for Tao, 7th for the subs, 8th for the whole set." at first I think it's wasting time, but after I watched the video... really, you should watched it 8 times to get focused of every member. they can make cute facial expressions suddenly (especially Luhan, you should watch for him) and made me replay the previous part -,- there is a sad moment when Tao cried because he miss EXO-K members. also i likes the quote which Kris read "EXO, History will go on"  i hope that's true! :) i won't tell anymore. just watch the video, and enjoy it ;) Yinyuetai JJANG! EXO fighting! *you should watch this! the funniest interview ;D*

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