Wednesday, April 4, 2012

4th of April~

really! sorry for soooo long hiatus! :( you know, i'm in high school now. how busy i am!
ah ya, tmrw at 6th of April, i'll have a drama about Jesus's crucified as Pilatus's wife :) Dominicus Savio try to serve the best, wish we luck! Fighting! ;)
SHINee's back! they back with Sherlock, mixing of Clue and Note. why they can do hard dance powerfully but still can sing like a record one? oh guys, it's AMAZING m/
i've changed my background song from Diamond - SNSD to L (Infinite) ft. Yerim - Love U Like U. this song is soundtrack of "Shut Up Flower Boy Band" starring L and Yerim too^^ wdyt? :D
i wanna share of L pictures. not L from Death Note movie, but L for Kim Myung Soo - Infinite's member :) *yeah, k-pop things* why everybody named L are so cool and charming?!

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