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really long time no see u, blogger! i didn't had any time to post-_- how's life? i'm fine :) anyway, i've changed my background, song, and header. what do you think? i don't have any idea for my blog's name. so, i just type "WELCOME" --". and for the song, it's Gulliver by Super Junior^^~ ah ya, now i'm 2nd Senior High School student, Science department (XI Science 3)^^ just hoping the best for this grade! what should i say next? -_- maybe i'll post something later. see ya :]

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ALL ABOUT M [Easy Magz]

 Pretty boy LU HAN: Just like Kai, the first time you see Lu Han he gives off a pretty boy feel, obviously aside from just having a perfect appearance, his vocal abilities and dance are all beautiful. Because it was during the time he was studying abroad in Korea that he was scouted, during the time he was a trainee his Korean ability was already really good, no wonder now that he’s promoting in China, he sometimes personally becomes a mini translator for the two Korean members.
All rounded LAY: Don’t think that the only thing a dancing member is good at is dancing, then you’re wrong, LAY can also play the piano and guitar. This time as EXO-M take their promotions to China in full, Lay also showed more sides of him. Although he still remains as the member within the group that loves to eat snacks the most, and the kid who keeps mixing and wearing everyone’s socks.
The highest pitch CHEN: As EXO-M’s lead singer, CHEN holds the voice in which all members envy, he is in charge of high notes and has a voice that leaves a deep impression on many people. Perhaps it’s because of the language barrier due to coming to China that he usually just sits there listening quietly, but what never changes is that natural smile upon his face, (I’m) looking forward to the future where he can truly express himself within the Chinese market.
Cute big brother: XIUMIN is the oldest member in the whole of EXO, yet he has a young child-like face. The members claimed that he normally shakes his head which causes a lot of laughter, he himself will also makes jokes to cheer up the members, there’s also the friendly nickname “steamed buns”. No-one would ever think that he is the member within the group that is responsible for the screaming section, always stating “I want to learn Chinese,” there will definitely be a day of success in China for him.
Responsible KRIS: As the leader of the group M, Kris is the big brother within everyone’s hearts, to seriously be responsible are the words that represent him, checking information, taking care of his injured younger brother, rescuing members in the middle of interviews…….No wonder he’s the leader. Also his talent in rapping, he never fails to charm people even more.
Realistic TAO: The fierceness and strength that people who practice martial arts tend to have are not found anywhere on Tao. This doesn’t mean that he’s not mature or serious enough, but all of this towards a younger 93 liner brother who is always protected by his older brothers, it is actually a bit early. But because of this, he has the child-like personality of speaking exactly what he thinks. The first time he was asked about his ideal type he avoided the question, the second however he expressed, “After thinking that this question would be asked again, I went home to properly think about it, I like……” With this sort of realistic answer laughing to tears is unavoidable.

source: mr.107translation cr; xuan & angi @exom-transplease take out with full credits


Well-behaved Baekhyunnie: Since debut, Baekhyun who has shown his cute and well-behaved image, also has a silly side; besides suddenly blurting out a off-topic statement like bathing with another member that makes fans imaginations go crazy and scream non-stop, he also revealed that after showers, he often likes to practice different facial expressions in front of the mirror, so that he may prepare for advertisements.  Additionally, the funny videos from pre-debut were also a hot topic among fans
Happy face: Due to his high-quality appearance, Chanyeol was praised by many people for his face appearance, just a second before was sighing because his appearance did not match his deep-voiced rap, the next second he lost his expression to his cute teeth-baring smile. This wide-eyed, bared-teeth expression, paired with his explosive hairstyle at that time, can be as happy as you want him to be, and also, when he is not singing and performing, he maintains this signature expression, which is completely different from his serious expression onstage; it’s as though he were two different people.
Warm Maknae: The other one standing quietly standing on the side of the stage, maknae Se Hun, who when Luhan said, “[Sehun] makes me want to take care of him”, only lowered his head and laughed, but in reality, he is secretly a warm person.  From the window of the standby room, he seemingly casually threw down little pieces of paper, but actually, he had written “I love you all!” on them, if only to offer the eagerly waiting fans a bit of comfort and momentary warmth.
Tidy Main Vocalist: (D.O.)Their official debut represented the beginning of a life together, of course the cleanliness of the dorm has also become everybody’s concern.  ”In our grope, D.O. is the tidiest, when you go to his room, and open his drawers, I promise you all of his clothing and possessions are neatly arranged, and he will even have his shirts organized by different colors and styles.  But I’m not saying the other members are not organized!”-Sehun
Cutely-acting Kai God: (t/n chinese fans also wonder why he’s called 开爷) Displaying extreme talented dancing in the teasers, dancing machine Kai, changes completely once he comes off stage.  Besides the smile so big that makes his eyes disappear, the casual acts of cuteness kills the crowds of fans in a second.  When he doesn’t understand something, with a dazed look in his eyes, he asks his elder brothers, when he is in a daze, he raises his index finger to rest between his lips, the number of tricks he has to act cute are so numerous they cannot be counted.
Shy Leader: As EXO-K’s leader, Suho, during his trainee days received much certainty from his seniors and predecessors. They thought that this kind of [Suho] would be really strict,this kind of leader with a unique dignity, but the truth is always the opposite of reality, when he is
source: mr.107translation cr; xuan & angi @exom-transplease take out with full credits

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EXO-M's Yinyuetai Interview

so far, this is the best interview of EXO-M. all members look comfortable, the host is funny and not boring, also there are many cute and sweet facial expressions there! x) i read a comment on Youtube "I can't be satisfied watching this video once. I need to watch it at least 8 times. 1st to focus on Kris, 2nd for Lay, 3rd for Luhan, 4th for XiuMin, 5th for Chen, 6th for Tao, 7th for the subs, 8th for the whole set." at first I think it's wasting time, but after I watched the video... really, you should watched it 8 times to get focused of every member. they can make cute facial expressions suddenly (especially Luhan, you should watch for him) and made me replay the previous part -,- there is a sad moment when Tao cried because he miss EXO-K members. also i likes the quote which Kris read "EXO, History will go on"  i hope that's true! :) i won't tell anymore. just watch the video, and enjoy it ;) Yinyuetai JJANG! EXO fighting! *you should watch this! the funniest interview ;D*

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ohh, before i off. HAPPY KARTINI's DAY for all women!


today, my class gathered in Risma's house. we ate foods together, and do fun activities there. we ate rice with fried tempe, friend chicken, cao ice, fruit punch (or what is it?), watermelon, kerupuk, sambal, grilled fish, and homemade snacks. you know what? i ate all of this on 3 p.m. but untill now i'm have not starving yet. fortunately, each of us just paid 5.000 rupiahs. AWESOME^^ then, one of my friend, Nitasya, told me to went to back of Risma's house. so many grass on there, and we took some pictures..

there's no me..

you bet! which one is me? :D

Nitasya and I

Ulya's hand and mine :3

not all of the pictures i post here. it wasn't used my camera. that was fun guys! hope we gathered again ASAP, and of course we just have pay 5.000 rupiahs :p


SINA LIVE CHAT starring EXO-M. you muct watch this to know more about the boys. funny! Cx

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[RANDOM] Manfaat Sedotan

Suatu ketika saya dengan teman-teman sedang makan sate. Kemudian seorang teman menyatakan betapa ia ngeri setiap melihat sate yang potongannya besar-besar. "Kenapa?" tanya saya. "Saya ingat keponakan yang meninggal karena makan sate," katanya.

Dia bercerita, waktu itu sedang ada syukuran dengan makan-makan. Dia masih ingat melihat si kecil keponakannya yang berlari-lari sambil membawa sate. Usianya sekitar 4 tahun. Kemudian musibah datang. Anak kecil itu tercekik daging sate. Semua orang berusaha menolong. Anak itu dibalik, dipukul-pukul belakang, lehernya (bahkan sampai biru-biru, kata dia sambil matanya berkaca-kaca). Daging sate tak juga keluar. Lalu mereka mencari angkot untuk membawa anak itu ke rumah sakit. Dia masih melihat anak kecil itu tersengal-sengal menarik nafas di kendaraan.. 

Pemandangan yang sungguh memilukan. Anak itu meninggal di perjalanan. Sampai di rumah sakit, petugas memberi tahu bahwa untuk mengeluarkan benda yang mencekik tenggorokan, cukup dengan memasukkan SEDOTAN MINUM ke kerongkongan. Lalu hisap sehingga benda itu menempel. Lalu tarik. Sesederhana itu. Menangislah semua orang. Betapa sederhananya untuk menyelamatkan nyawa. Betapa berharganya ilmu untuk menyelamatkan nyawa.

Semoga lebih banyak jiwa yang terselamatkan dengan pengetahuan sederhana ini...

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Birth Name: Kim Joon Myun
Stage Name: Suho
Super Power (Badge): Water
Date of Birth: May 22, 1991
Height: 172 cm
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: AB
Position: Leader (Guardian of EXO), Lead Vocalist
Specialties: Acting, golf
Fun Facts:
  • he’s also known as the second Choi Siwon
  • he shares room with Sehun
  • he was discovered through street casting and joined SM in 2006 

Birth Name: Kim Jong In
Stage Name: Kai
Super Power (Badge): Teleportation
Nickname: Kkamjong
Date of Birth: January 14, 1994
Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Face of The Group
Height: 182 cm
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Specialties: Dance (ballet, jazz, hip hop, popping, rocking)
Fun Facts:
  • he shares room with D.O.
  • he’s a friend of SHINee’s Taemin as mentioned in SHINee World
  • he had a girlfriend before, but it’s not confirmed now
  • he likes to be bossy
  • he’s really good at just about games
  • he has two older sisters 

Birth Name: Oh Se Hoon
Stage Name: Se Hun
Super Power (Badge): Wind
Date of Birth: April 12, 1994
Position: Lead Dancer, Rapper, Sub-Vocalist, Maknae
Height: 181 cm
Nationality: Korean
Specialties: Dancing, acting
Fun Facts:
  • he’s a former ulzzang
  • he shares room with Suho
  • he joined SM in 2008 by Casting System
  • he is not scheming / manipulative person 

Birth Name: Do Kyung Soo
Stage Name: D.O.
Super Power (Badge): Earth
Date of Birth: January 12, 1993
Position: Main Vocalist
Nationality: Korean
Height: 173 cm
Specialties: Singing, beat box
Fun Facts:
  • he shares room with Kai
  • he’s the cleanest member in EXO-K
  • he took up vocal lessons and such even before auditioning SM in 2010
  • he has interests in becoming a chef and mostly cooks for the members 

Birth Name: Byun Baek Hyun
Stage Name: Baekhyun
Super Power (Badge): Light
Date of Birth: May 6, 1992
Position: Main Vocalist
Nationality: Korean
Height: 174 cm
Specialties: Hapkido, piano
Fun Facts: 
  • he shares room with Chanyeol
  • roommate Chanyeol said that Baekhyun yelps like a dog like 40 times before falling asleep
  • he was immediately asked to join SM right in front of the gates (one of the SM representative was near his school and asked him does he want to join SM), and he officially joined SM in 2011

Birth Name: Park Chan Yeol
Stage Name: Chanyeol
Super Power (Badge): Flame
Date of Birth: November 27, 1992
Height: 185 cm
Nationality: Korean
Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist
Blood Type: A
Specialties: Playing musical instruments (guitar, drum, bass, djembe), rap, acting
Fun Facts:
  • he was appeared in SNSD’s Genie MV (Japanese Version)
  • he shares room with Baekhyun
  • he joined SM in 2008 by Casting System
  • roommate Baekhyun said that Chanyeol’s breathing is way too loud! And on top of that, he does this loud sniffling thing before he falls asleep.
  • he’s a romantic person
  • the first idol group he ever got into was TVXQ. He liked U-Know Yunho the most



 Birth Name: Huang Zi Tao
Stage Name: Tao
Super Power (Badge): Time Control
English Name: Edison Huang
Birth Place: Qingdao, China
Date of Birth: May 2, 1993
Nationality: Chinese
Height: 183 cm
Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae
Hobbies: Singing, playing basketball, exercising
Specialty: Martial arts
Fun Facts:
  • he loves blue color, Western food, basketball and black cat
  • his favorite music is hip hop and R&B
  • he’s very conservative person
  • he shares room with Xiumin in China
  • the member with the most aegyo
  • his ideal type of woman is pretty, has a nice body and a nice personality
  • since he got to debut in less than a year being a trainee, he is often bullied by the Korean trainees
  • he has won placed first for many wushu and rap competitions
  • in Korea, he shares room with the manager because at the beginning Tao’s Korean wasn’t that good so he needed to learn more Korean and communicate

Birth Name: Lu Han
Stage Name: Luhan
Super Power (Badge): Telekinesis
Date of Birth: April 20, 1990
Blood Type: O
Height: 178 cm
Nationality: Chinese
Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Face of The Group
Hometown: Beijing Haidian
Specialties: Soccer, Rubix cube
Fun Facts:
  • he’s former trainee of JYPE
  • he shares room with Lay in China
  • he shares room with Xiumin and Kris in Korea
  • his ideal type of woman is gentle and quiet
  • he joined SM in 2008 when he went overseas to Korea to study, and one day when he shopping in Myeongdong he got spotted by an SM official representative
  • he doesn’t like others on his bed, he’ll kick them off if anyone gets on
  • officially recruited into SM at the 2010 SM Casting System
  • he is easy-going person (usually trainees from China are bullied, but Lu Han is an exception)

Birth Name: Kim Jong Dae
Stage Name: Chen
Super Power (Badge): Lightning
Date of Birth: September 21, 1992
Position: Main Vocalist
Height: 173 cm
Nationality: Korean
Specialty: Singing, piano
Fun Facts:
  • he shares room with Lay in Korea
  • he shares room with Kris in China
  • his main specialty is singing high-notes
  • his ideal type of woman is like a noona, those that would take care of him
  • he has a powerful voice
  • he gives an impression of gentleness
  • first revealed through the SM Orchestra section at SBS Gayo Daejun

Birth Name: Zhang Yi Xing
Stage Name: Lay
Super Power (Badge): Heal (Unicorn)
Date of Birth: October 7, 1991
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist
Nationality: Chinese
Hometown: Changsha, Hunan, China
Education: Hunan Normal University High School
Specialties: Guitar, dancing, piano
Hobbies: Listening to music, sleeping in, playing computer
Fun Facts:
  • appeared in 2005 3rd place Star Academy (Hunan Economic TV)
  • filled in for Jonghyun during 2010 SHINee’s concert
  • he was supposed to be EXO-M’s leader but it was changed to Kris
  • he shares room with Chen in Korea
  • he shares room Luhan in China
  • he is an all-rounder
  • he loves tidbits and likes eating junk foods
  • he’s rather naughty, but he’s really funny at times too
  • his ideal type of woman is cute and filial

Birth Name: Kim Min Seok
Stage Name: Xiu Min
Super Power (Badge): Frost (Ice)
Nickname: Lil’ Fattie (Little Fattie)
Date of Birth: March 26, 1990
Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Height: 173 cm
Nationality: Korean
Specialties: Taekwondo, kendo
Fun Facts:
  • he has won 2nd place on 2008 SM’s Everysing Contest
  • he has a chubby face and a cute grin
  • the next member that known with martial arts besides Tao
  • he shares room with Kris and Luhan in Korea
  • he shares room with Tao in China
  • he is the funniest and neatest member in EXO-M
  • his ideal type of woman is hug-able and can give comfort to others

Birth Name: Wu Fan
Stage Name: Kris
Super Power (Badge): Flight (Dragon)
English Name: Kevin Wu
Date of Birth: November 6, 1990
Height: 187 cm
Nationality: Chinese-Canadian
Position: Main Rapper, Leader, Sub-Vocalist
Specialties: Languages (English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean), basketball
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
Fun Facts:
  • he enjoys reading books particularly self-improvement and inspirational
  • he’s very social and can talk to anyone
  • other trainees and team members of EXO think of him as a big brother
  • he joined SM by Global Auditions in Canada in 2007
  • Kris looks better in person than on camera, but he never undergo plastic surgery
  • he shares room with Xiumin and Luhan in Korea
  • he shares room with Chen in China
  • the laziest member in EXO-M
  • Kris sometimes speaks when he sleep, he speaks in English, Korean and sometimes even Cantonese
  • he knows magic tricks
  • his ideal type of woman is kind, knows how to cook, fillial and can take care of people
  • he was supposed to be in EXO-K, but due to SM has a large share in the China market, he joined EXO-M

Source: EXO-M, EXO-K [click to go] | i got the pictures of EXO-M's website and EXO-K's website

EXO-K High Cut Interview

Because EXO is SM Entertainment’s newest project since 2009, there is obviously a lot of expectations for the group. Any last words before the big debut? 
Suho: All 12 of us have been working diligently to deliver the best music and performances, not just in Asia, but for the whole world. We will try our best to continue our strong work ethics for EXO-K and EXO-M to become an established group.

What are some of your most memorable moments as a trainee?
Kai: When we were all trainees, we made up this motto that would keep us motivated. It was “Giving, rather than receiving is what training is all about.” Celebrities are given so much love from fans, so on top of our training in singing and dancing, we also wanted to train ourselves in giving love back. To do this, all of us volunteered at the RCY shelter to help disabled children, playing with them and tidying up the facilities. Those little bits and pieces all added up to so much in the end, and whenever we look back, we can’t help but smile. We will never forget those times.

Let’s talk dorm rooms: who rooms with who?
Chanyeol: There are three rooms in our dorm, so two members share one room. I room with Baek Hyun, Se Hun with Suho, and Kai with D.O.

So then each of you must know about the others’ sleeping habits.
Baek Hyun: Chanyeol’s breathing is way too loud! And on top of that, he does this loud sniffling thing before he falls asleep. I just can’t fall asleep with all that noise.
Chanyeol: Well you (Baek Hyun) yelp like a dog like 40 times before falling asleep!

How about the rest of you, does your roommate have any strange bedtime habits?
(The rest of them shake their heads) No, we all sleep peacefully and happily!
Baek Hyun: (Looking at Chanyeol) Maybe we shouldn’t have mentioned we do all of that…
Chanyeol: But we love each other though (laughs)

Is there a schedule as to who is on for laundry and cooking duties?
Se Hun: Usually, all of us do laundry and house cleaning, and all that stuff on our own. We pick who’s on dish washing duty, but most of the time, we all wash our own dishes. But we’ve been recently playing games to see who has to do it all, kind of like in ’1 Night 2 Days’.

So who’s the best gamer out of the six?
All: Kai, definitely. He’s like a sniper, you know. He’s good at just about any game.

Who’s the clean-freak of the group?
Se Hun: D.O. is. When you go to his room and open up all his drawers, I guarantee you you’ll find everything neatly piled and organized. He even sorts his shirts by color and by type. Ah, well this isn’t to say that the rest of are unclean. We’re all pretty good with keeping our things organized, but D.O. is the cleanliest.

When you first joined SM, who was the one sunbae you wanted to be close with?
Chanyeol: When I was younger, I wasn’t really in the know about idols or singers, but the first idol group I ever got into was TVXQ. Out of the five members, I liked Yunho sunbae the most. He was just so charismatic and I respected his unconditional care and leadership
Suho: Yunho sunbae has helped us so much throughout our trainee days. Whether it be dancing, singing or performing, he was always there to help us. Leeteuk sunbae has also become a great help to us too. He always taught us that manners, responsibilities and teamwork comes first before anything in this line of work.

When did you decide that you wanted to become a singer?
D.O.: I’ve always loved singing ever since I was little. Even before joining SM’s training system, I took up vocal lessons and such. I decided to audition for SM in 2010, and I was lucky to have my parents in full support. They always taught me that if I had a dream, I should try with all that I have to reach it and make it reality.
Chanyeol: My decision started back when I was in high school. I was always passionate about playing and learning instruments, and I was even in the school band one year. I’ll always remember my first performance with the band; the feeling you get after a performance with the clapping and the cheers, was just so amazing. Ever since then, I dreamed of becoming a singer.
Se Hun: My casting was really by chance. I was walking past my school one day and a representative from the company asked me if I wanted to audition for SM. I was still young then, so I asked my mom if I could, to which she said yes. I was in the tenth grade when I joined SM, and to be honest, I didn’t really know what a celebrity was or what a celebrity did. My interests in becoming a singer, however, later developed into a passion after only the first day of training.
Baek Hyun: I wanted to become a singer since the fourth grade. I remember how I’d  tell all my friends that I would be a celebrity when I grow up. To be honest though, I ended up getting dropped from all of the agencies I auditioned for. Then time flew by and one day, I was getting ready to audition to enroll at an arts university. But by some incredible chance, an SM representative was near that school. She must have overheard me practicing my song because I was immediately asked to join SM right in front of the gates.
Kai: I took jazz dance lessons and ballet since the third grade; dance was just a large part of my life. But one day, I saw Shinhwa sunbaes on TV, and I asked my dad “What kind of dance is that?” and he replied “That’s a performer’s dance” and ever since then I wanted to become a singer. I was actually accepted into SM when I was in the sixth grade, but the agency told me to come back after two years since I was too young. I, of course, returned and began my life as an SM trainee.
Suho: I’ve had the dream of becoming a singer since I was in elementary school, but I never really thought it would be possible. However, I was able to join SM when I was discovered through street casting. My parents were skeptical at first, but they knew how big of a company SM was, so they allowed me to enter the company.

What is your relationship with EXO-M like? Do you guys feel as if you are a one, whole unit, or do you feel a sense of competition between one another?
Se Hun: We may be separated into two groups, but really, we are one big family. We trained together, ate together and shared so many memories together. There is no competition between us in the sense that we have a need to be better than the other. There is, however, some competition to a degree when it comes to dance and singing. We carefully monitor each others’ moves, share tips for improvements and spot out any mistakes, so the competition as you would call is all for the sake of perfecting our craft.

How would you describe EXO’s musical color?
Suho: We want our music to be distinctive, so that people go “Ah, that’s definitely EXO” when they hear our songs. We’re aiming to make our music seem like it’s “from outer space.”

Is there anyone in your family that’s in the broadcast industry?
(All the members look around dumbfounded, and then Chanyeol finally speaks up) Uhm, actually my sister is an announcer…
(The members all stare at him, as if saying “why didn’t you tell any of us this before,” then Chanyeol finally continues) No, wait, she’s studying to become an announcer!

I’ve heard that Chanyeol was dubbed as the “schoolboy ulzzang” when he was a high schooler!
No, I wasn’t an ulzzang! But because everyone in my school knew I was a trainee, people sort of spread that around I guess. I didn’t really notice it going around though. I was just a normal, quiet high school student.

Tell us your goals for the future, and for EXO
Baek Hyun: I want EXO to go down in Korean music history, so that a 100 years from now, we will be remembered as a great group. If I can, I want to try my hands at entertainment programs, or even acting.
Chanyeol: I want all 12 of us to be together forever. My personal goals would be studying songwriting, and to further develop my skills in guitar and drums. My biggest goal, though, is to write songs that many people will enjoy.
Suho: I want EXO to become an established group, and to become a multi-talented entertainer.
Kai: I’m going to give every last bit of my passion for dance to EXO. I want to help in letting the world know the sound of Korea.
D.O.: I want EXO to become a group loved by all. Aside from being a singer, I also have some interests in becoming a chef.
Kai: D.O. is actually in charge of cooking most of the time.
D.O.: Now that I think about it, I want to become a hair stylist and a fashion designer too!

That’s perfect, then D.O. can be the group’s stylist!
All: No thank you.

source: Allkpop 


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we are sibling

pictures under are me and my 2 brothers :)

on last 6th of April, 2012. MUDIKA DOMINICUS SAVIO were play role in Jesus's crucifixion. i got a role as Pilatus's wife :)

annyeong! ^^ i am here to tell you, my blog address change to NOT anymore :)


you can watched EXO's debut showcase on SMTOWN Youtube channel. see you soon^^

bacoon :D


on 8th April, SM fans were welcoming SM new artist, EXO B) this group are divided into 2 subgroups, EXO-K (korean) and EXO-M (chinese). they promoting sam song at same time, but with different member. EXO-K's member: Kai, Suho, Chanyeol, Sehun, Baekhyun, and D.O. EXO-M's member: Lay, Xiumin, Kris, Tao, Chen, and Luhan. the first prologue, they released "What Is Love". the second prologue, they released "History". finally for track list title, they released "MAMA". there are also: Machine, Two Moons (ft. Key of SHINee) [my blog's song], and Angel. both subgroups own each song above. for EXO-K's song, you can download it here. for EXO-M, sorry i can't find the full track list, you can googling it. i will give you some pictures (click to enlarge):

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4th of April~

really! sorry for soooo long hiatus! :( you know, i'm in high school now. how busy i am!
ah ya, tmrw at 6th of April, i'll have a drama about Jesus's crucified as Pilatus's wife :) Dominicus Savio try to serve the best, wish we luck! Fighting! ;)
SHINee's back! they back with Sherlock, mixing of Clue and Note. why they can do hard dance powerfully but still can sing like a record one? oh guys, it's AMAZING m/
i've changed my background song from Diamond - SNSD to L (Infinite) ft. Yerim - Love U Like U. this song is soundtrack of "Shut Up Flower Boy Band" starring L and Yerim too^^ wdyt? :D
i wanna share of L pictures. not L from Death Note movie, but L for Kim Myung Soo - Infinite's member :) *yeah, k-pop things* why everybody named L are so cool and charming?!