Saturday, November 5, 2011


very busy day -.- am really waiting for 28th December - 2nd January, cause I can get holiday after 2 months without holiday, except Sunday --"

#21. Priska Dewi Arshita. Riswanda's girlfriend. has small body and good in acting. she joins theater in school's extracurricular.
#22. Ratih Eka Setyorini. she's good almost in all subject in school and also good in telling story. haha. friendly, kind. sometimes become childish, but not severe as Ulya :p
#23. Risma Tsaniyatul H. has big body. and biggest fans of Indonesian boy band and girl band, likes SMASH, Cherry Belle, etc. when she say some word using 'R', she can't pronouncing the word well, so she will say 'L'. i heard that she has good speaking ability.
#24. Safira Qurhayati K. i got my inspiration to post this is from her. she's the Hottest (2PM's fans), Primadonna (FT Island's fans), and Boice (CN BLUE's fans). you don't know what is it? it is boy band in Korea :D the school often type her name wrong, 'Qurhayati' become 'Kurhayati' and she is very hate it. her bias is Chansung 2PM.
#25. Shoffan Maulana. you can call him as Offan. the robot machine of ELMO. he always do robot dances, and it is funny! he has strong faith. his hair are curly. and he good at IT. he often follow robotic competition.
#26. Sonia Carrisa Alim. yeah! it's me :) I am K-POP lover, my bias is Kyuhyun from Super Junior and Tiffany from SNSD. i have straight hair and fat enough -.- i was born in 9th May, 1996. has 2 younger brother. etc.
#27. Suwarsih. she's now interested in K-POP and K-DRAMA :D she says 'otokotok' when we are shock her. she always believe when we are lied to her. she is easy to panic when there are something wrong with her. she is a quite girl in class.
#28. Tiara Vindra Prasti. same as Risma, she can't say 'R' fluently. I think she’s beautiful :)
#29. Vivin Dwi Pratiwi. The most ’geje’ girl in the class. She often say something weird and not connected with the topic we are talk about. Sometimes i’m mad, cause what her said is nothing and just disturbing. Yeah, even tough sometimes it’s funny.
#30. Wahyu Eko Kriswanto. The biggest fans of Ada Band (one of band in Indonesia). He has beautiful voice when sing, and good at playing piano likes Dhea. His birthday almost come, 3 days more at 8th November :)
#31. Wahyu Setyaningrum. Many boys in class expect her is boyish. I don’t know why. She is good at subject that using memory, likes geography, etc. She has a long hair ‘til her waist. She is narcissist too.

that's all from me. see ya in the next post. chuu~ :)

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