Saturday, October 29, 2011


okay, my classmates are so curious why i'm not post the second part ASAP. calm down guys, I am busy *lie* hahaha

#11. Firman Yudha Axiomawan. he is the son of our math teacher, Mr. Marmin. he's just like his father. sometimes he become rude boy.  ah, i almost forget. now, he's NITASYA's boyfriend. in fact, before they're dating, they always make noisy, quarrel, and mocking each other. oh geez .__. his birth date is 7th of November. who want to make surprise for him? haha.
#12. Iftitahatur Rosyidah. She was i am talking about, Ade's worship. hahaha. You can call her TYTA, she prefer that name, I think. her birth date is 16th of September.
#13. Imam Bagaskara. You can call him Bagas. he like to drawing cartoon, etc. fans of J-POP. the king of 'KOPIK' or kind of card games. he has a special feel to Safira. but as we know, Safira just bother him. just fighting! and don't easy to surrender!
#14. Leny Alimatul Husna. the biggest 'BELIEBERS' of our class. and now she just like K-POP, because of me, Safira, etc. often paired with Shoffan and Pipin. they are called 'Seleny Gomez and Justin Muharom' or 'Seleny Gomez and Shoffan Bieber'. nice, isn't it?
#15. M. Alvinur. victim of oppression, but he never defense. poor him! he has ridiculous laugh style, maybe he wanted to copy Bara laugh style. but i think he's failed. ckck. he's good at math and physics. ah ya, today is his birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY dude. hope God bless you as always :)
#16. M. Riswanda Yunna F. this boy has nose like Arabian, my classmates guess his nose is silicon. funny -__- he's quite boy at first, but I don't think so. his iPhone always used to take my classmates pictures, just like cameraman. he's good at listening test, english subject. he's Priska's boyfriend. oh God, why there's so many 'cinlok' in this class? :|
#17. Maya Deviana. call her with Devi or Maya. she's good at listening, when teacher explain something, she can write it all in her book. i borrow her book every time i don't write :p
#18. M. Alif Bahari. actually he's the youngest son in his family, but why his name is Alif? since the mean of Alif in Arab language is ' thefirst'. finally, Desi give he a name 'Yak' that mean 'the last'. he always say this 'semua itu kembali ke pribadi kita masing-masing'. he has many pimpile in his cheek. last event, he joined in Pop Group and follow the contest. but unfortunately, our school team didn't won. don't disappointed! there's many chance tomorrow.
#19. Nitasya Ayu Alamanda Putri. Firman's girlfriend. because she has flat nose, many friends included our Art teacher, call her 'pesek' that mean flat nose. the conductor when our class have duty to sing in flag ceremony. ever has nickname NitsNots. her birth date is 25th of Juni, just like my cousin :p
#20. Pipin Ahmad Muharom. at first, he didn't has FB. but Ainin make an account for him. Bara's bestfriend. Leny's pair. his birth date is 23rd of January. has a great humor, always make us laugh :D


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