Thursday, October 27, 2011


no idea what to post now. but i very want to post something. ah ya, maybe post about my new classmates? that's good idea. just got inspiration from Safira. before it, i'll tell ya something. We are X5 in SMA1 Bojonegoro [our beloved school :*] Our name is ELMO, stand for 'X-LIMAHO'. we are super hyperactive and talkative with 31 students. hehe. check it out.

#1. Ade Cahya Putra. He lives in Kedungadem *small part of Bojonegoro*, you can call him ADE. he was born in 25th February. His father's name is ***, but my classmates call him as Mr. Oke. He has a girlfriend, but I don't know her name, but when we play "truth or dare" game, he said that he like TYTA, one of my classmates :x
#2. Ahimmatul Ulya SMP. She likes to take photos of herself -.- 'narsis' I think. hahaha. she has a boyfriend too. if i don't wrong, he school at SMA4 Bojonegoro, right? and sometimes be the most childish girl in the class. very love spengebob, like to imitate spongebob's action, laugh, or spongebob's word.
#3. Ainin Ainiyah. i think she is a quiet person, born in 23th September, 1996. lives in Tuban (Bojonegoro).
#4. Bara Warna Putra. He is the funiest classmates! sometimes childish, sometimes creative. his laugh just like spongebob 'ahahaha ahahaha ahahaha' xD he has a girlfriend, you can check in his relationship in FB. Pipin's bestfriend (?) as usually, they always making laugh all of my classmates.
#5. Bayu Adhi Wicaksono. he doesn't has FB at all. yeah, he is the STRANGEST classmates. many of my friends annoyed because of him. they're said that sometimes he's arrogant, and do something 'abstract', they can't understand of Bayu's mind. ckckck. now, he is being avoided by class.
#6. Bella Seba SU. Mas Atta's girlfriend. they are in relationship for 3 years in this year. WOW :O sometimes she's speak or do something 'GJ' or 'tidak jelas' --"
#7. Choiria Mulyawati. she is really pitiful, always be target of my friend's mockery. yeah, human is not perfect. I hope my friends can stop, cause they're made her cried TWICE! *as far as I know*
#8. Desi Fitri. the most 'GAUL' classmates. she is the captain of class. have great responsibility, many jobs to do (captain, broadcaster in Ganeca Radio, OSIS's member, etc.) She is the ambassador of IM3 *one of cellular operator in Indonesia*. She is close with everyone, her favorites advertisement: 'duksduksduks' (Mc Donald's advertisement) hahaha peace ^^V
#9. Dhea Elvira Rossa. she is very 'LOLA' or 'Loading Lambat'. has boyfriend named Yoga. a fans of Justin Bieber and K-POP. when she borrow something, she won't give it back to the owner before the owner ask it to her. bad habit, isn't it?
#10. Eva Dwi Agustin. one of my friends that still call me 'SNZ' cause of my old FB's name --" when she teasing me, i'll touch and poke her chin, and she's very hate it. that's one of my weapon when she tease me. haha



  1. wo. . wo. . wait. . wait. .
    kurang lengkap tuh. . harusnya aku tuh funny girl, kind, never angry, many talent, cute, funky, sedikit manja, disukai banyak teman (apalagi tman cowok) hahahah. .
    music lover, jinak jinak merpati. .. hahahahah lebay. . mungkin. . . (soal ga ngembalikan barang soalnya aku pelupa) yaa namanya juga aka,Miss LOlla. ., . gitu. . ayoo di copy paste ya. .

  2. apanya yang never angry. disenggol offan dikit km udah kebakar api haha
    ga mau ah, ga mau ngutuek2 post yg udah bekas :p