Monday, September 5, 2011


i take this from @kpopfacts. Sorry i'm not telling you to copying this :) but thanks a lot..
  • Kyuhyun:"Leeteuk hyung looks like he's in his thirties." Leeteuk:"I DON'T LOOK LIKE THIRTIES!" Kyuhyun:"Okay, in his late twenties."
  • Hangeng:"YA! Hurry, set that up!" Shindong:"So now, the Boss is Chinese?"
  • MC:"Now I'll give everyone WG members phone number." Everyone(LT, HC, DH, SD, KH):"REAL PHONE NUMBER?" Heechul:"Daebak!"
  • Fan:"I love you my Prince Charming, Siwon oppa~" Kyuhyun:"He's Pastor, not prince charming."
  • (gets hit by a female monkey) Leeteuk: My mom taught me to never hit girls. Please stop!
  • Kangin: Who do you dislike the most from our team? Heechul: ..You. Kangin: Why? Heechul: Should I show you the mirror?
  • KH: Sungmin sleeps with his mouth hanging wide open. We poured water there once. SM: REALLY?? KH: He still didn't wake up. Amazing.
SJ's Kim Heechul went to military on 1st September. I'll give you Kim Heechul's quotes
  • "I felt hopeless but did not lose my smile" - Kim Heechul.
  • "Many friends of mine got married already. Me… I will just treat it as I married my fans." - Kim Heechul.
  • 'I don’t like receiving presents but I like giving presents.' - Kim Heechul.
  • "I don’t like going close to girls. So I like girls who come close to me." - Kim Heechul.
  • Even though I don’t have love, I have friends and fans with me' - Kim Heechul.
  • 'In every exam (you) will dream of getting 100. But 100 isn’t that easy to achieve just like you are dreaming' - Kim Heechul.
  • "Although I look very fierce most of the time, I’ve never hit a woman" - Kim Heechul.
  • "I do acting, but Suju is my eternal home." - Kim Heechul.
  • 'If I fell down and got hurt, I won’t cry or making a big deal about it. Instead I keep it to myself and went home' - Kim Heechul. 

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