Saturday, May 28, 2011

welcome back SHINEE! ♥

Wow! i wait for this moment!

you know what?
SHINee back w/ new Japanese Single! ><
since i watched REPLAY japanese teaser, i can't wait it anymore :3
GOOD JOB SHINEE! chukkae on your Japan debuts, and 3rd anniversary.
I hope you all always be the best, and keep healthy C;
just in this group, i like all their personality
Eomma Key, Rapp Minho, Bling Jonghyun, Leader Onew, and Maknae Taemin 
in this MV, taemin look bigger than before
and, Yoona as the role model. she's beautiful as always :)
just enjoy the music video! you MUST watch this, never regret!

Let's see the difference between korean version and japanese version
which one is the best? XD

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