Wednesday, April 6, 2011

[Kyuhyun] 7 Years of Love

although this song not the new one

but I've downloaded it yesterday


enjoy it! :)


chilnyeoneul mannatjyo
amudo uriga ireoke
swipge ibyeolhal jureun mollatjyo
geuraedo urineun heeojyeo beoryeotjyo
gin sigan ssahawatdeon gieogeul namginchae
urin eojjeom neomu eorinnaie
seororeul manna gidaenneunji molla
byeonhaeganeun uri moseupdeureul
gamdanghagi eoryeowonneunjido
ibyeolhamyeon apeudago hadeonde
geureongeotdo neukkilsuga eobseotjyo
geujeo geunyang geureongabwa hamyeo damdamhaenneunde
ureotjyo uuu sigani gamyeonseo naegejun
aswiume geuriume naetteutgwaneun dareun
naui mameul bomyeonseo
cheoeumen chinguro daeumeneun yeoninsairo
heeojimyeon gakkaseuro chingusairaneun
geu mal jeongmal matneunde
geu huro samnyeoneul bonaeneun donganedo
gakkeumssik seoroege yeollageul haesseotjyo
dareun han sarameul manna ttodasi
saranghage doeeosseumyeonseodo nan
seulpeulttaemyeon hangsang jeonhwalgeoreo
sorieobsi nunmulman heulligo
neodo joheun saram mannaya doenda
maeumedo eomneun mareul hamyeonseo
ajik nareul johahana gwaenhi dollyeo malhaetjyo
arayo uuu seoro gajang sunsuhaesseotdeon
geuttae geureon sarang dasi hal su eopdaneun geol
chueogeuro nameulppun
gakkeumssik chagaun geuael neukkilttaedo isseoyo
hajiman ijeneun amugeotdo yoguhal su
eopdaneun geol jal aljyo
na ije gyeolhonhae geu aeui maldeutgo
hanchameul amumaldo hal suga eobseotjyo
geurigo ureotjyo geu ae majimak mal
saranghae deutgosipdeon geu hanmadi ttaemune


We met for seven years

No one knew we would say goodbye this easily

However we still separated

With the memories we built for a long time, now gone

How did we at such a young age

Meet each other, I don’t even remember how

Difficult for us to handle the maps of our changing selves

They said saying goodbyes are painful

But I didn’t even have time to feel that

I just thought this is the way staying composed

But I cried

Time passed it gave me a simple yearning

Different from what my mind was seeing

At first friends then next as lovers

We said we’d stay as friends even if we separated

During those 3 years spent alone

We contacted each other sometimes

Even if I met someone else again

Even I loved again

Whenever I was sad I would call you without a word just 

tears falling

You have to meet a good person

I thought in my heart without any words

I asked if you still liked me without any thought hoping you say it back

I know

We had the most pure love

Back then we thought that kind of love couldn’t be done again se we saved it in out 


Often I feel a cold feeling from you

But now I know you can not ask anything

“I’m getting married” is what you said to me

After that for a long time I was speechless

Then I cried they were your last words to me

For the only words I wanted to hear was that you loved me

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