Saturday, October 16, 2010

K-pop : 10 charts this week !

KBS Music Bank version !

1. Posisi puncak masih setia di tempati oleh lagu "Go Away"
Artis :: 2NE1

2. dari minggu sebelumnya langsung naik 4 peringkat ke posisi runner up !!! "Found It"

Artis :: JYJ

3. Setia di posisi ketiga selama 2 minggu ini "Love Love Love"

Artis :: F.T. Island

4. tidak naik tidak turun .. "Can't Nobody"
Artis :: 2NE1

5. setia sama peringkatnya yang diduduki oleh lagu "The One"

Artis :: Lee Seung-chul

6. turun 4 peringkat dari posisi runner up lagu "Even Thought Of Marriage"

Artis :: Wheesung

7. naik 3 peringkat dari posisi 10 charts "Madonna"

Artis :: Secret

8. Turun satu peringkat dari posisi sebelumnya "Still Ate Well"

Artis :: Chang-min & Lee Hyun (HOMME)

9. "LUCIFER" .. yang naik 4 peringkat dari posisi nya yang dulu sudah digeser jauh oleh lagu-lagu baru
*yeey !*
Artis :: SHINee

10 . posisi paling akhir ditempati oleh lagu "Let's Stop This " yang minggu ini harus turun satu peringkat

Artis :: Gavy N.J. 

News -

Japan is all about Girls' Generation!   [2010-10-04]
Right now, Japan is all about Girls' Generation! The 9 girls recently had a very successful debut showcase, and are receiving a great response from the people in Japan! Get this! A total of 22,000 fans and 1,000 associates from the broadcasting, newspaper and advertisement industries were at the 3 live showcases that were held. This made the headlines in the main news as well! They're definitely different from other singers right from the start. A Japanese fan even said, 'Everything was perfect! I was so overwhelmed that I cried!' during an interview. Girls' Generation was introduced through various media in Japan, proving their popularity. Korean girl groups' maturity and powerful performances seem to differentiate them from the Japanese girl groups! These girl groups are expected to gain mostly young female fans in their teens, and lead a whole new era of the Korean wave! It's now Girls' Generation! I hope to see more of their spectacular performances now that they've released their first album in Japan! Good luck guys~

XOXO - author 

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