Sunday, October 3, 2010

-__- JB is JERK !

Woow , justin bieber ia a 51-years old pedophile !
I can't believe it ! many teenanger being fans of him , but HE IS A LIER !
he just an OLD MAN that using mask to be a teenage , that's a CRIME ! *I think*
his face is so SUCKS ! it's ruin =x
I feel soo bad when I saw his face , true face .
I think if I be a belieber , I can be soo sick 7 day 7 nights . haha *ALAY .
but , his voice *true voice* , when he sing is soo nice .
why an OLD MAN has a veeery nice voice ? what the heck it is .
at first , I don't believe what my friends say .
but , the video make me believe it .
you watch it , so you'll believe ! XP
I've already search for his photo .
but , I can't find it out . so check out this video !

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